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How to use 7916 sidecar on BE3000

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Title says it all. How do I get the BE3000 to recognize a phone has additional buttons avialable to program with the addition of the 7916 side car. I am testing on 7962 phones, but I need to know how to do this for 7975 phones as well.

-Ross Merrifield

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Hi Rose,

It should be almost the same for all phone. You can follow this guide:

Installation of Cisco Expansion module 7916

When you add an expansion module new Cisco IP phone, the module acts weird. Sometimes there is no label displayed.
First reset the phone by unplugging the Ethernet cable and plug back in.  Press # during the power up time. Press 123456789*0# when the button  lights are moving one to another. Wait until the phone downgraded to  factory default. Then the phone will be upgraded to latest firmware from  the call manager.  Once the phone is upgraded to latest firmware, the  firmware will be displayed under active ID in call manager under device  properties. Then plug the module, add the module name under device,  module section and save the config. Then apply the config. The expansion  module will start to work.



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