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How unlock ATA 190



I have a ATA 190 but can't I change the configuration.

The administration guide for SIP tells:

By default, the network configuration options are locked to prevent
users from making changes that could impact their network
connectivity. You must unlock the network configuration options
before you can configure them.

But how unlock this device?




Hi,Follow Admin Guide Chapter


Follow Admin Guide Chapter. B and password is cisco (24726) by default.



Thanks but this doesn't help

Thanks but this doesn't help to unlock the web admin page

Does that mean ATA190's web

Does that mean ATA190's web admin page? If it does, this page's reply will help you, I think.


Yes we are talking about the

Yes we are talking about the ATA190's web admin page.

But I am already logging in with the admin account and password. The settings are still unlocked.

The question is how to unlock all the settings once logged in as an admin?

Hi, Any solution to this? I



Any solution to this? I have the same issue. With the last firmware logged with admin rights I can't change the settings. I need disable line 2 but I can't.




Eduardo, did you managed to

Eduardo, did you manage to get this fixed? I am having the same problem. I have seen posts stating that most settings could be tweaked from IVR menu, but I don't see much information on IVR in Cisco's documentation. Appreciate all your response.



Hi fhamidkhan,For disable

Hi fhamidkhan,

For disable second fxs line you can check this open bug, currently not fixed.

Cisco Bug: CSCut09504 - ATA-190 : Options to disable 2nd FXS Port


Thanks Eduardo, there are so

Thanks Eduardo, there are so many issues with the new Ata190, I hope Cisco is doing something about it. I couldn't register it to CME 10.5 for the reason mentioned in tac response and Cisco's dev team is working on it to get it fixed in the next release which should be out in a month or so. The problem I observed is when you create SIP profile for ATA On CME, it generates a file with SEP<ATAMAC>config.xml file where as ata request ATA<MAC>config.xml from tftp.

### File generated by Voice-Register Global SIP Profile ###

cme-cue-router-a#sh voice register tftp-bind 
tftp-server url flash:/its/syncinfo.xml alias syncinfo.xml
tftp-server url flash:/its/SIPDefault.cnf alias SIPDefault.cnf
tftp-server url flash:/its/softkeyDefault_kpml.xml alias softkeyDefault_kpml.xml
tftp-server url flash:/its/softkeyDefault.xml alias softkeyDefault.xml
tftp-server url flash:/its/featurePolicyDefault.xml alias featurePolicyDefault.xml
tftp-server url flash:/its/SEP34DBFD1824BD.cnf.xml alias SEP34DBFD1824BD.cnf.xml

### Capture from debug tftp packets ###

Mar 30 11:12:42 CDT: TFTP: read request from host via GigabitEthernet0/0.1
Mar 30 11:12:42 CDT: TFTP: Looking for ATADBFD1824BD01.cnf.xml
Mar 30 11:12:42 CDT: TFTP: Sending error 1 No such file


### Cisco TAC response ###

Thanks for sharing the details, tried doing some research with the symptom and It looks like you’re hitting the following defect :

CSCus55079: ATA-190 does not create configuration file with prefix "ATA





Mine works. I can register

Mine works. I can register ATA 190 with CME10.5 on Router IOS 15.5

Here's a forum thread for your reference:


Good luck,


I found that bug report

I found that bug report:

CSCur53864 / ATA190: Web GUI page options are greyed out

I have to say I disagree with the Severity classification of that bug as "cosmetic". We should be provided with a way to configure these options.


ATA - 190 and your problem to

ATA - 190 and your problem to me, use the administrator account login(username admin pwd admin),
Configuration is locked, could you tell me how to unlock.

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