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How voice traffic orginated by a Cisco CIPC(soft phone) client can be marked/classified


Hi Guys,

             Can anyone tell me how the voice traffic originated by a Cisco Soft Phone (CIPC Client) can be marked and clasified. As far as I know CIPC client mark the traffic with DSCP value itself. Now my concern, is that marking will be trusted by the edge/access switch and other consecutive switches or it has to be marked in the edge/access switches once again. The problem is for a CIPC client the voice traffic is carried on the same data vlan along with the normal data which is originated from the client where the CIPC client is running as well. How this voice trafiic can be prioritised over normal data traffic ?


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paolo bevilacqua
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The voice traffic ss DSCP EF.

However, in a sane LAN environment, there is not need to worry about prioritzation or QoS.

Hi Paolo,

              Thanks for the update. So you mean to say that the all the switches will trust the traffic marked by the CIPC client, and no other QoS configuration is required at the edge switches and all other consecutive switches. Please correct me if I am wrong.

You can build an ACL that matches traffic from any VLAN on the switch port in proper UDP ports and preserve the markings. Alternatively you can use local Trusted Relay Points (TRP) with CUCM to route calls trhough these (i.e. think transcoders) and mark traffic via these.



Correct. No QoS is necessary unless the switches are experiencing congestion (unlikely).

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