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Hunt Group and Mobile Connect Question

Hi Guys,

just a quick question, maybe somebody had in the past the same scencario:

Some users are working in a Hunt Group / Hunt Pilot witihin the same line group. The service is from mon-fr from 8am to 4pm and the using the HLog softkey / phone button to login / logout. The most of those users have also a mobile, because they are working (most of the time) longer then 4pm. If a user is now logged out to the hunt group by pressing the Hlog button on the IP phone, calls to the associated hunt pilot ringing on the remote destination of the user anyway, but not longer on the device, which is logged out.The users want that only calls directly to their extension are ringing on the remote destination.

As mobility is working with a 'shared line' between the Remote destination and the IP phone, I can manually logout the IP phone via the admin web pages, but not the remote destination / remote destination profile. A access list which which matches on the hunt pilot number is not working. I have also tested a TLP which matches to a new number, to produce a new internal call leg, which transforms the called TLP-number to the hunt pilot number, but this also don't work. Any ideas to get a (usable) workaround for this for the end users? System is CUCM 8.0



HI. Did you ever find a solution to this issue?

Regards Niels


Here is a brief explanation of how hlog works with Single Number Reach :

- hlog logs a device off from the hunt group, not a DN.
- Mobile Connect (Single Number Reach) works based on the concept of shared lines
- The Remote Destination Profile (RDP) that you create is basically a shared line to your IP phone.
- The RDP is the one responsible for the call to be extended out to the cell phone
- When you log off from the hunt group on your IP phone, your RDP is still logged on
in the hunt group (as it shares the same line as the IP phone). That's the reason why your cell phone
rings even when the IP phone is logged off the hunt group
- There is currently no way to log off the RDP from a hunt group
There is an enhancement defect already open for this particular scenario :

  CSCsx31179  -  Remote destination in huntgroup keeps on ringing after pressing hlog

The development team is currently targeting to fix this in 8.6 version of CallManager.

- Sriram

Great info from Sriram, deserves some points. I've just checked 8.6(1a) and the feature doesn't seem to have made it yet...


Glad that you find it helpful.

I had a discussion with the developers a couple of weeks back regarding this scenario - the current plan is to get enhancment CSCsx31179  in 9.0 version of CallManager. If I get any confirmation that the enhancement will be resolved in 9.0, I will reply to this thread.

- Sriram

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It seems that in 9.0 it still not resolved

Is it possible to logged out remote destination / remote destination profile from hunt group, or exlude calls from hunt pilot number from beeing calling to mobile destination?

We have CUCM 9.0 and the same problem as in the first post...