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Hunt Pilot and AAR


Background: We run CUCM 6.1.2 and use VoPSTN for all remote sites. The bandwidth for all locations has been set to 1 kbps to force all calls from remote sites through PSTN (AAR).

I have a hunt pilot for a support team that users dial to reach the team. This works fine for users based at the headquarters but for people at remote sites are having issues. Looks like AAR does not engage when they call the hunt pilot number even thought the hunt pilot is in the same AAR group and has an external phone number mask. All members in the line group are at the same location (at the HQ). Any ideas please?

Note: Users at remote sites are able to short-digit dial all other numbers at the HQ.

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Dennis Mink
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

If you are using AAR to have your remote users dial the hunt pilot, so a call across PSTN, the hunt pilot must have a DID number, check if you have an external phone number mask set under the hunt pilot configuration.  By the sounds of it you already have your AAR group prefixes correct.

You might wanna use the dialed number analyzer to check the dialplan logic.

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