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Hunt Pilot and cisco unity problem

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I Have a situation while using CUCM 8.6 and unity connection 8.5 when configuring a dial scheme.

When someone calls 7XXX(CTI Route point) fwd all(voice mail) checked then i created a System call handler and one greeting play, after the greeting user press 1-5 for forwarding calls  to respecting departments another call handlers created for those caller inputs (1-5) now these call handlers redirected to the hunt pilot number (i.e. 81xx) and then longest idle algorith is there at line group configuration.

Problem which I am facing is call is not hunting to the next number after ringing at one extension of Line group or if there is no answer from first extension call is not hunting to next extension it straight forwardally tear down. Please suggest what to do hunt timer I put 60 seconds and RNA reversion - 20 seconds.

Second problem is at the recieving end calling number displaying as hunt pilot number not the exact caller number, while when when we dial hunt pilot number directly caller information forwards correctly at the screen of reciever phone.

Please suggest the possible solutions

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Ayodeji Okanlawon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

You will beed to send cucm traces to see why call is not been routed to the next DN in the line group. I suggest as a troubleshooting step, change your algorithm to boradcast and see if the other numbers ring...If they dont then send cucm traces

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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Deepak,

Just to add a note to the great tips from Deji (+5 )

Two things;

On the Line Group config page (Under Hunt Options) **Busy - No Answer - Not Available > Set

Try next member - instead of "Stop Hunting"


Have you tried playing with this setting?

CallManager System Parameter:

Clusterwide Parameters (Device - Phone)

Display Original Calling Number on Transfer from Cisco Unity = True



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