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HUnt Pilot Forward


I have setup a hunt pilot number for a team but they are now asking how they can forward the hunt pilot number to a mobile number if all team members are out of the office.

I am using CUCM7       

Any help will be appreciated.

Gregory Garrian

Configure the Hunt Forward No Answer settings on the Hunt Pilot to the cell number and set the appropriate CSSs.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Andrew,

I'll add another option to the good tips from Greg (+5 G-man! )

My vote is to use a phone that actually has the "Listed" Hunt DN as the

primary line. And use Call Forward All to control the forward when all line group

member's are out of the office request. Here's why;

The next set of questions/requests from the users will inevitably be as follows;

- my Mobile rings during the day for Hunt calls...I don't want that!

- we want to change the "after hours" Mobile number every week.

- Jane's Mobile was lost at the club ....can we change the Mobile #

- everyone is off sick today can we forward to another number all together.

- we just want forward the calls to voicemail this weekend cause everyone is going camping.

- we want to be able to change the forward "after hours" number remotely.

- my Mobile was ringing at 2:00AM to we turn off the forwarding really late at night.

Hahahahahahaha you see where I'm going with this.

Just let the users control all these things via accessing ccmuser and changing

the Call Forward All on the Hunt DN and you won't have to manage these requests

some of which you won't be able to accomplish without this type of set up.

If the Hunt Pilot was 6000 for example, just change the Hunt Pilot to some other number like 4422

and set up 6000 on the phone. Set the Forward No Answer (internal/external) to 4422 with a RNA timer

of 1 second so whenever there is no Call Forward All set the calls will route to the Hunt group @ 4422.

And when they want to set the Call Forward all they could use the phone or ccmuser



"Show a little faith, there's magic in the night" - Springsteen

Great points Rob, +5.  It's always easy to forget to consider the end user impact.

Great solution Rob, there's a reason whenever im stumped on something i usually just Google WWRHD, What would Rob Huffman Do


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