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Hunt Pilot Transfer to VM issue

I'm having an issue with transferring a call to a Line Group Member's VM. The phones roll through the distribution no problem, but when it goes to transfer to the first members VM, in case nobody answers, then the caller gets a busy signal. All of the DN's are in the same CSS. I can dial *112 and get the users VM no problem, but I cant seem to be able transfer from the Forward Hunt No Answer setting. I have a feeling its something very easy but I'm missing something.


CallManager 8.5

Translation Patter 4682 - points to called party transform mask 352

Hunt Pilot - 352

Route Partition - Shipping

Description - Shipping_HP

Hunt List - Shipping_HL

Forward Hunt No Answer - *112 - CSS = Shipping


Hunt List - Shipping_HL

Hunt List Member - Shipping_LG



Distribution Algorithm - Top Down

Members - ext 112, 113, 114


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I would change the forward hunt no answer to your Unity Pilot DN, then add 352 as an alternate extension for user 112.


The call will hit Unity as 352 which will find 112's mailbox.

I changed this up and I still get the busy signal when its time to transfer the hunt no answer to unity.


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Use the port status monitor to see if the call is even making it to CUC



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As correctly suggested by Jaime (+5) use port status monitor tool and post the output.

Also check if you are able to call 112 mailbox using the configured CSS on forward No Answer on Pilot configuration.









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I'm not seeing the call make it to CUC.


I have verified that a user can dial the VoiceMail Pilot which is 899.


So somewhere when it finishes hunting, even though I have Forward Hunt No Answer Set to 899 and an alternate extension in their VM, its not making it over to them.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

What is the exact call flow??



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Interestingly enough, if I put in one of the actual VM ports, it will transfer correctly at the end of the hunt. If I try to send it to the VoiceMail pilot, it will not.

Call Flow

Outside Caller calls 1234564682

Translation Pattern 4682 Called Party Transform Mask to 352 Hunt Pilot

352 Hunt Pilot contains Hunt List Shipping_HL

Shipping_HL points to Shipping_LG

Shipping_LG contains extensions 112, 113, 114

Using Top Down distribution it rings Ext. 112. No answer then go to 113. No answer then go to 114.

Forward Hunt No Answer to 899 (VM Pilot)

User with Ext 112 has alternate extension of 352.


If I send it to the VM pilot, 899, it gets the busy signal. If I send it directly to a VM port's extension, it works.


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Interesting, if for testing purposes you create the exact same LG/HL/HP for VM ports, just a different HP DN, and send it to that new route, does it work?



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Try this,

Create a DN (directory number) with 999 and put call forward all to voicemail.


Forward Hunt No Answer to 999.


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