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Hunt Pilot

I have a hunt pilot at 2999 and it works fine with my hunt group and line. I would like to be able to add the number 2999 so the hunt group users can see the calls coming from that 2999 number. Is there a way to add it to the phone.



You can modify the Calling/Called party Transformation settings for the Hunt Pilot. You would change the Calling Party Transformation to be 2999. This way calls into 2999 will have a CLID of 2999. I hope that is what you are looking for.

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Spencer,

I was just testing this out in our lab a little while back. You can change this behaviour by setting up the DN on a CTI Route Point that "front ends" (via Call Forward All) the Hunt Group. The calls to this DN will still reach the Hunt Pilot but will strip off the CLID and replace it with it's own. This way your users will see the proper Hunt Pilot CLID :)

So, for your example, if we take your Hunt Pilot DN 2900 and move it to become the CTI-RP DN and create a new Hunt Pilot DN of 2100 (with the same Line Group Members). On the CTI-RP DN Configuration page set the Call Forward All to 2100. When a call comes in via 2900 the users will be able to see that CLID on their phones to identify the proper response.

Hope this helps!


I just tested both ways. Both methods change the ClID information. Robs method will display the CLID of the hunt pilot for a short period of time and then change it to the orginal Caller id informaiton. The method of changing the hunt pilot transform mask will change and keep the CLID.

Just wanted to add more to the great sugguestion that Rob offered. I hope one of these will work for you..

I saw the other post and went in an created a CTI port at 2999 and the a hunt pilot of 4500 forwarded the 2999 to the 4500 and got a fast busy. I looked pretty simple.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Spencer,

Can you please check the Call Forward CSS for 2999 (the CTI-RP)to ensure that forwarded calls can reach 4500.

Hope this helps!


PS: Kelvin, +5 points for nicely filling in the blanks here :)

Now it goes to VM instead of 2100. I change the hunt pilot number to 2100

Here are the steps.. Please verify..

1.) change your hunt pilot number to be 2101 or something else.

2.) Test to make sure you can still call 2101 and get the HG.

3.) Create a CTI Route Point and add the DP and Location.

4.) Add a DN to the CTI Route Point.

5.) Under the DN configuration of the CTI Route Port fill in the destination to 2101 and add the correct CSS. Do not check the box in front of the Destination field. this will send the calls to VM.

6.) Test the calls to CTi route point and sure it goes to the correct HG.

7.) Remember, do not make a call from the phone that is included in the hunt group especially if it is the only extension in the hunt group. It will fail and give you a busy.

Please let me know if that helps..


Thanks for the info.

I do have one question. Is there another way or easier way to be able to change the forwarding of the CTI Route point to an outside line instead of to the Hunt Pilot?

What I am looking to have our help desk number (which is setup like your directions) to be easily changed somehow by users with out having to give them access to change the forwarding in the CTI Route Point.

Does this make sense?

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