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i cant find command SRST mode under voice register global its only mode CME


Hello Dears,

nowadays im facing issue which is i cant write command mode SRST under command voice register global on the H.323 Router to make it work as a Survivable Remote Site Telephony is this command need a license to be appeared or whats needed before that command please answer me ASAP,

Thanks in advance :)

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Evgeny Izetov

If I remember correctly, it's a bit backwards. You have to type "no mode cme" under the voice register global then it will show "mode srst" in the actual config. This was on 2900 series.

its not appearing on global config mode to write no mode cme 

Kindly check the below attached only the configuration appearing ESRST or CME 


SRST is the default mode for CME. Once you enter voice register global, the router will be in SRST mode. Then you can switch it to CME mode using 'mode cme' command.

Do one thing, apply no voice register global then voice register global. This should put your router in SRST mode.

Note: If you apply no voice register global command, you will lose all voice register commands (templates, dns, pools, etc). So take a backup before proceeding.


By default under "voice register global" the mode running is SRST. When you access and request a change on the mode using command line, the system will allow you only two options: CME or ESRT. This because the SRST mode is already running.

This is the reason why whenever you change the mode to ESRST one and apply a "no mode esrst" it goes back to SRST mode which is the default one:

voice register global------------------------> mode is SRST by default unless you change it to cme.


Nadeem Ahmed

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