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I have a error mesage whan i install a ccm 4.2 as subscriber


I everybody,

I have install a ccm 4.2 as publisher. then i am installing a ccm 4.2 as subscriber, the cd 1 was installed well, when this server ask the cd 2 , after a time a screen appeare saying a error mesage: Failure occurred during the Cisco Unified CallManager installation. Please look at the Cisco Unified CallManager installation log file for details. Aborting Cisco Unified CallManager installation.

I found this link where says why the error happened and teh reason.

the reason is: The Cisco Unified CallManager installation detected an error while copying files

In addition, it says the possible solution, but i don't exactly what does it mean.

solution says: Stop all platform agents and Cisco-verified applications and restart the installation.

Obtain and examine the log file.

Do you think is due to a cd problem, i used the same cd to install the ccm publisher. or What can i do?

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Rob Huffman
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Hi Manuel,

I don't think that this is a problem with the media. Here is the full explanation;

This step applies if you need to reinstall Cisco Unified CallManager.

You must disable and stop all third-party, Cisco-verified, and Cisco-provided, coresident applications that are installed on your server.

If you have Cisco-verified applications (Cisco Partner Applications) or platform agents that are installed on the server, you must disable and stop the services.

Cisco strongly recommends that you do not install any Cisco-verified applications until you have completed the installation on every server in the cluster.

Caution Reboot the server after you disable and stop these applications. Do not start the applications until you complete the Cisco Unified CallManager installation on every server in the cluster. Before you start the installation, verify that none of the services is running.

Hope this helps!