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iDivert Not Working "temporary failure"


Thanks to anyone who can assit.

CUCM System version:

Cisco Unity Connection version:

Having an issue when someone calls my 8841 phone and I press the decline "iDivert" button nothing happens.

The phone displays the message temporary failure. The feature config guide says this means that the voice-messaging system does not work, or a network problem exists. I'm not sure what that means exactly. Unity works fine and no network issues that I'm aware of. The guide goes on to say "Troubleshoot your voice-messaging system. See troubleshooting or voice-messaging documentation." So, I referenced the troubleshooting Untiy documentation and found nothing related to this. Any ideas why this is not working?

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Mohammed al Baqari
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VIP Advisor

>From this phone are you able to call your voice mail and read your
messages? Also, check if you can forward calls to voice mail for unanswered

If these aren't working, then your voicemail for this phone isn't working.

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I can access v-mail from the message key and login without issue. I can forward as well. This is actually a cluster wide issue and not just one phone.

Try to upgrade the phone firmware to see if it works

I tried that. Same deal.

Ok, please generate CUCM traces to see why its failing.

Not sure how to do that. I will try to figure that out and get back to you. Thanks for your suggestions.

You can get this from RTMT , Trace > Collect
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