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If SIP fails route to PSTN


Hello all,

I am currently implementing a new 911 solution that routes the call over a SIP trunk to the provider.  Because this is internet based traffic and the critical nature of 911 we have a failover number that we would route to a long distance number to complete the call.  I believe that I have the correct idea on configuration but wanted to see if anyone can assist.

We are running CUCM 8.6.2 and CER 10.  If a 911 call is placed it routes to CER which then translates the call and sends it down back to Call Manager to mask the number.  I have this configured to go to a 911-Route List.  This route list has two groups.  Group 1 is the SIP trunk.  Group 2 is the PSTN gateways.  The PSTN Route Group configuration in the Route List I have set to do a Called Party transform mask to the outside number.

Is there any flaw in my logic?

Thank you for the assistance.

Jason Stickler

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