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IM and Presence and MS Lync High Availability

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Level 1

I have a scenario with a cluster of IM and Presence 10.X (two nodes) and Partitioned Intradomain Federation with MS Lync.

With respect to high availability, Cisco documentation says that the traffic between MS Lync (front end server) e IM and Presence cluster, is need a load balancer because Microsoft servers support configuration of only a single SIP static route for each domain, which means that the static route can point to just a single IM and Presence Service node.

Why can not use DNS SRV in this case (MS Lync for IM and Presence)?




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George Thomas
Level 10
Level 10

I had asked about this but its a Lync limitation and there is nothing Cisco can do. 

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Thank you George, but why the DNS SRV is not an option for this implementation?

Since the static route in Lync doesnt support it. You can only do FQDNs. Can we do DNS load balancing, theoretically yes but if one host is down, it doesnt failover. SIP traffic in general is not supported with load balancers so that option is off as well.

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