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Import phones and users to CUCM 9.1

Anton Tutunov
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I have CUCM 9.1 and I need import some users and phone from bat.xlsm but have problem.

Then I tried on update users tab select and change value "Number of Access Control Group", " Number of Controlled Devices" and other I see message from Excel "Type mismatch", but how I think must add columns " Number of Access Control Group" and other. This first problem.


On Phones tab I tried change value "Maximum number of Phones Lines" for example "1" and get message "Please enter numeric values in the Text boxes". This second problem.


I tried using Office 2013, 2010, 2007, all security parameters in Excel was disabled.


My bat.xlt file attached.


Can you help me please?


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Hello Anton,


Do you resolve this issue? I have the same problems.


Best regards,


What I see in the original poster's bat.xlt is that he has not yet added "Directory Number" as a field using "Create File Format". After that is done, then the field for "Maximum Number of Lines" works.


Uladzimir - Please post your bat.xlt/xlsm so we can take a look.

Hello Maren,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I have problems with Users tab.

I received "Type mismatch" error when I'd tried to increase number of controlled devices.


type mismatch error.jpg

I believe this is an Excel/Windows version issue on your local PC. When I opened the bat.xlsm you posted on my PC using Windows 7 64-bit and Excel 2016, it works fine and I am able to modify that field.

I did some poking and found this on Microsoft's site:

Which is not to say that the above is your exact problem, but I bet it's related.