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Inbound call using SIP disconnected after 20 secs

Antony Fernando
Level 1
Level 1

Hi all,


1st of all, Thanks guys!

I'm facing an issue while I'm trying to activate SIP from Provider

Outbound call is working properly, while Inbound call only works for 20 secs.

Need your support to learn my case & give me suggestion.


Here's the Flow:


IT SP -> VG(CUBE) -> CUCM (SIP Trunk) -> IP Phone


voice service VoIP
 mode border-element
 allow-connections h323 to h323
 allow-connections h323 to sip
 allow-connections sip to h323
 allow-connections sip to sip
 fax protocol t38 version 0 ls-redundancy 0 HS-redundancy 0 fallback pass-through g711ulaw
  registrar server expires max 600 min 60
  early-offer forced
  mid call-signaling pass-thru


dial-peer voice 211 voip
 translation-profile incoming INCOMING
 incoming called-number ^05428862999$

 voice-class sip rel1xx disable
 voice-class sip transport switch udp tcp
 voice-class sip early-offer forced
 dtmf-relay rtp-nte
 codec g711alaw
 no vad

dial-peer voice 212 voip
 translation-profile incoming DIRECT
 incoming called-number ^054288629..$
 voice-class codec 1

 voice-class sip rel1xx disable
 voice-class sip transport switch udp tcp
 voice-class sip early-offer forced
 fax-relay ecm disable
 fax-relay sg3-to-g3
 fax protocol t38 version 0 ls-redundancy 0 hs-redundancy 0 fallback pass-through g711ulaw
 no vad


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can i know the reason for this dial-peer voice 211 codec. 

can you change to 711ulaw and try.






Gunnar Reiser
Level 4
Level 4

Hi Antony,


going by the debug. The call gets disconnect because there is no "ACK" in reply to the "OK" message from CUBE to PSTN (Sonus System?).

It is send multiple times until timeout kicks in and CUBE disconnects with "BYE" due to no reply.

So if there is a firewall between CUBE and PSTN I would check that first to see if packets get dropped.

Otherwise, you have to ask the provider why he is not sending an answer to your "OK" message.

And an additional note the "BYE" is also not replyed to with an "OK" to end the Dialog (that's why it is send multiple times as well).




Ayodeji Okanlawon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


The reason you are not getting any response to the 200 OK message is that the contact header in 200 OK is not reachable from the ITSP.

Here is the INVITE from ITSP


INVITE sip:05428862999@ SIP/2.0


The INVITE was sent to


And here is the 200 OK that CUBE is sending:


SIP/2.0 200 OK
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK0cBd6228d56d5f75c5f
From: <sip:02155777509@>;tag=gK0c73d967



Contact: <sip:05428862999@>


++ as you can see CUBE is asking ITSP to send ACK to ++

This is most likely happening because you have not configured the correct SIP bind statements on your dial-peer


You can refer to this link to understand how to correctly setup this on dial-peers




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