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Incoming Call Not Working on Dynamic Registered ITSP Trunk to CUBE


Hi All,


I have a dynamically registered trunk with the ITSP and when there is an incoming call to UCCX IVR, the call fails as 401 Unauthorized.

When I checked with the ITSP, they are saying that there are a couple of things wrong in the SIP REINVITE sent from our end.

1. ITSP says my INVITE header is wrong
I checked this and the Re-INVITE header which CUBE uses is taken from the Contact header of the original incoming INVITE from ITSP. They are saying it should be taken from the From header.

2. ITSP says my Remote-Party-ID header has an incomplete number
The Remote-Party-ID in my Re-INVITE is the CTI port from UCCX, hence it will not be a complete number for the ITSP.

The subscriber matching by ITSP is as follows (top one being the highest priority):
the To header (for REGISTER messages only)
the top Diversion header
the P-Asserted-Identity header
the Remote-Party-ID header
the From header


Can you please advise how can I fix this? Do I need to create SIP profiles to change these parameters? Will it have an impact on the call in any way?

When applying the SIP profiles to modify the parameters in the Re-INVITE, to which dial-peer should it be applied - incoming from ITSP or outgoing to ITSP because I do not see any dial-peer matched for the Re-INVITE?


I have attached the SIP logs between CUBE and the ITSP.

I also have a static SIP trunk on another CUBE, however, it does not have any such issues even though the SIP Re-INVITE is similar to the dynamic trunk CUBE.

Besides, a call that does not involve any kind of transfer (to UCCX or Unity Connection) works fine on the dynamic trunk.


Thanks and regards,

Libin Benedict

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