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Incoming International Caller-ID Translation

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can please give me some pointers on where to look that could be manipulating external Caller-IDs as explained below on our CUCM 8.5 system?

We use 4 digit extensions internally that is made up of the last 4 digits of a user's DID (For example, user A's extension is 1234 and their DID is +61 2 9222 1234). As expected there is a translation pattern for our MGCP ISDN BRI gateways that translate 9222XXXX to the user's extension for incoming calls. This translation pattern has a transform for the calling party (00XXXXXXXXX), this is to add a 0 for an 'external line' and another 0 for the area code (2 becomes 0).

However we are seeing a situation where a Hong Kong based mobile calls in (E.g. +852 6111 4321) is translated to 00261114231. Obviously I can understand the 00 being added, after all it is what is set in the translation pattern. But I can't find where the "2" is being added nor the 852 being removed. Both the CDR records and a debug isdn q931 of the call both confirm the incoming caller ID is "85261114321".

Should the DNA tool be able to help finding what is transforming this? I was having difficulty getting it to correctly show incoming calls, great for outgoing calls...

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Incoming International Caller-ID Translation

Look for a calling party transformation pattern that is in the calling party transformation CSS on the phone receiving the call that might match 85261114321 (keep in mind that it might be on the device pool instead of the phone).  Also check on the gateway for Incoming Calling Party Settings to see if there are any prefixes being added.  Lastly check under the call manager service parameters for "Incoming Calling Party * Number Prefix".

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