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incoming voice-port digit strip


Our Telco is sending us 10 digits on incoming calls. We would like to strip the first 6 digits, and just keep that last 4. We have 4 digit pattern internally. This is to make our voice-mail accessible from off campus. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this? Here is what I was thinking might work;

translation-rule 1

rule 0 /^90774[5,6]..../ /..../

voice-port 0/0/0:23

translate calling-number 1

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If you're using an H.323 Gateway then that should work. If using MGCP then you would need to add a translation pattern on your communications manager.

You can test your translation-rule within the IOS prior to applying to the voice-port:

test voice translation-rule 1 cr

paolo bevilacqua
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the rule you wrote won't work properly.

Please use:

rule 1 /^90774[56]/ //

Then, you can check the rule with "test voice translation-rule ".

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I must be missing something. I'm getting an error msg.

msc-CME(config-translate)#rule 0 /^90774[5,6]/ //

Incorrect format for Translation Match Pattern

regular expression must be of the form ^(\^)?(\+)?([0-9,A-F.*%?#]+)$

Invalid match pattern string input /^90774[5,6]/

are you setting this up using voice translation-rule or the regular translation-rule command ?

Sankar Nair
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regular translation-rule, I figure I can use voice version since I'm running 12.4?

hi, please use voice translations:

voice translation-rule 200

rule ..

voice translation-profile strip-to-did

translate called 200

voice-port x/y

translation-profile incoming strip-to-did

works great! thanks.

Good to know, please remember to rate useful posts!

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