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Install CUCM 7.0 [ESX 4.1]


hello all,

can anyone from these forum let me know steps to install cucm 7.0 in vmware esx server 4.1  PUB/SUB i do have the isntall dvd



Brett Fritzsch
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The first thing to note that per the following two documents ESXi4.0 is the only supported version of VMware that is Supported at the current time for CUCM.  Here are the links where this information is provided.

Also keep in mind that installing CUCM versions prior to 8.0.2 on VMware is also unsupported by Cisco/TAC.  With that being said here is the instructions on how to install CUCM 7.0:

Please let me know if this helped!


Brett, thanks for the update, im installing CUCM in vmware for personal use, to setup my ccie voice lab, i have a old dell server 1780,  please advise, im other concern is  about the registration key.



I have it running in the lab on ESXi 4.1.

You can download the ISO-image from CCO. The updates there are full DVD-images, but you cannot use them for booting. One way to solve this issue is extract the boot sector from an installation DVD, another way is to mount the image in a running Linux system and create a bootable image with Isolinux  (the exact version doesn't matter, I used a boot image created with a version 8 DVD for installing 7).

When creating the VM, select "Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 64bit". Make the harddisk 80 GB, and set the RAM to 2GB. Make sure that the Disk controller type is not paravirtual (in this case, the installer will not find the harddisk), and that the network controller type is E1000 (otherwise the installation will fail during the network setup).

You don't need a license key, the system comes with a pre-loaded demo license that should be sufficient for lab use.

Best Regards


Jörg, thaks a lot for sharign the info with me, i will haev to setup linux machine to create the bootable image, [ how about converting the existing 7.0 DVD to bootable iso form DVD making software]

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