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Integrate Msft Lync and CUCM for voice calls.

Daniel Gomez


I have a customer that is asking to integrate Microsoft Lync and CUCM so users on Windows Phone mobile devices can communicate to Cisco phone users or even to the PSTN.

Microsoft says that they only need to establish a SIP trunk to CUCM as they will format called numbers as required to allow those to be routed to wherever they need to go. On our side, we would configure mobility rules (RDP) so whenever a call is received on an extension, CUCM triggers a new call to Lync user (route patterns would be create poiting to LYNC servers).

Has anybody ever done this?

I don't think this is a Cisco supported deployment.

Customer is using jabber but wants to enable this integration to allow users with windows mobile phones to call other users.


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George Thomas

Yes, this has been done in the past.

Please rate useful posts.

Please rate useful posts.

You can find integration guides here:

Sure it can be done, but don't kid yourself, this will have lots of caveats/limitations, some of which are listed in the guides.

Integration such as this one should in my opinion serve only as a migration from one system to the other, otherwise you will have very unhappy users.



Thanks George and Chris.

Customer is requesting this integration because of VIP users working with Windows Mobile Phones.

We offered Jabber and this is the chosen solution for desktop and mobiles such as iphones, android and tablets but some VIP users have windows mobile and there's nothing we can offer.

For us, it would be easy to recommend a mobile change but this is not an option right now for the customer.

Is this integration supported by TAC?


TAC will troubleshoot their side of things, but as with any other integration if the suspect is the other side they will stop.  This is no different from any 2 vendor integrations where the minute you have an issue they blame each other :-(



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