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Intermittent static on inbound calls

We have two sites, HQ and DR with CUBE routers in both sites. Calls come in round robin to both CUBE routers. We have a single SIP trunk on each CUBE router.

HQ site has a call center with 15 agents. The DR site has no agents, the calls go direnctly to extensions.

We have been getting reports of static on the calls when they come in.

It is not every call, but several times a day for each person (out of dozens of calls).The symptoms are the remote person calls in, our person answers the phone and they hear a lot of static, or a high level of distortion. They ask the person to call back, and the call is clear as a bell.    

The dial-peers all have VAD disabled. I have looked at the physical paths and everything looks fine. I have opened numerous tickets with the carrier and they report everything is fine on the ckts.

It happens at all times of the day, when there is very light call volume, or if it is heavier.

Anyone ever experience anything like this?

Michael Ricci

We have the same issue too. We've troubleshot everything under the sun to no avail.

Have you pulled CMR/CDR records to see if there is a trend during certain times of the day?

Are the users using wireless headsets? If so, interference could be an issue.

Are the CAT5 cables to the phone crossing over power cables?

Let me know if you find a fix to this, myself and TAC are stumped.

We have verified the physical connections and have found nothing there. There is no pattern as to when this happens.

It happens throughout the day.

Our Call Center does use wireless headsets, and some of the problems were due to interference, which is easily verified by having the Agent go to speaker phone to see if the quality improves. In some cases it does, but not all cases.

We also have this happening at our other site and there are no wireless headsets being used there.

I have seen some posts having to do with a particular channel on a PRI, but we are using SIP trunk with voice\data on the ckt.

I have placed calls to most of the people calling that have experienced an issue and most people are using cell phones, but not all of them.

Just curious if you ever found a solution to this... we are experiencing the exact same thing and pretty much have the same conditions including SIP.  Thanks.

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