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internal dialing Delay

I have a CUCM 8.x cluster ,which was initially had a 5 digit dial plan for internal and 10 digit for external . I have converted the dial plan to e.164 global pattern . For the internal users I have created a translation pattern to convert the 5 to 10 digit for internal dialing.After the conversion of all the DN to +1 XXXXXXXXXX, there is a delay in dialing internal numbers.

Please help me in this regard.


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internal dialing Delay

You're running into the inter digit timeout.  If you have 5 digit translations, make sure that the only matching patterns for numbers that are in your internal range are available (via CSS/partitions).  If you can see both a 1XXXX internal translation pattern and 1XXXXXXXXXX 10 digit pattern you'll have a delay unless only the 1XXXX partition is in the device's CSS.  In order to be able to call both patterns make sure that the internal translation doesn't overlap with any external patterns.  You can work on finding the overlap by using the Dialed Number Analyzer (DNA) entering one digit, clicking do analysis, entering another, click do analysis, since DNA will do it's analysis enbloc (entire number not digit by digit).

internal dialing Delay

Also be careful to avoid CSCtd69700. At the moment CUCM will apply the T302 timeout even after translation patterns where there is no ability for the user to add more input. For example:

      • A translation pattern changes 918005532447 to +18005532447.
      • Two route patterns \+! and \+!# will result in a T302 timeout expiry before proceeding.
      • Two route patterns \+1XXXXXXXXXX and \+[02-9]! will not because you have avoided the overlap.

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