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International Dialing Pattern

Having an issue at a client's phone system - apparently they've been able to dial internationally no problem up until around a couple of months ago.  Their IOS configuration hasn't been changed from what I can tell and in talking with Spectrum Business voice it looks like our 4321 ISR isn't forwarding the international digits.  As soon as I dial 8011 it says it's unable to dial.  Any ideas here?  I've attached a "clean" config.  


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This is very symptomatic if an overlapping dial plan and the culprit here is your dial peer voice 9 config..

dial-peer voice 9 pots
description OUTBOUND 8.11 Digit Dialing translation-profile incoming OUT translation-profile outgoing OUT destination-pattern 8.11 port 0/2/0:23

 This is matched over your dialpeer voice 8 which allows for more digits to be collected. Please do a shut on dialpeer 9

dial-peer voice 9


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run "debug isdn q931" and post the results here

The only thing it says is


debug isdn q931 is		ON.


I'm a beginner when it comes to Cisco IOS.  So I'm not sure what I need to do from here.   

run some test calls and them post a "show log" output here

Sorry the delay, I'm not onsite - but here's the log of what happens when I dial 8-011.



Called Party Number i = 0x80, '011'


That indicates you are losing the dialed digits after the international access code.


is the connection to CUCM SIP?


if so, please enable "debug ccsip messages" as well and rerun your tests

Roger Kallberg
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Also enable "debug voip ccapi inout" to see what dial peers and so that the call uses. To capture the output directly from the SSH (of telnet if any sane person still uses that) you can do a "term mon". Easiest would be if you have a terminal emulation program that has a function to log the output to a file, if not you'd need to mark and copy it yourself. To turn the debug output of you'd do "term no mon".

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Roger is right. my reply was brief based on my distractions at the time. Certainly not sensitve to someone who has not done this before.


the link below shows how to get logs from a switch but generally should be helpful in this case as well.


I tried that command - but kept getting 


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

inout, not inpout

Here's a log of a call with inout.  

Have you confirmed what the interdigit timeout is currently set to?   Did you dial this number off hook, I mean lifting the handset to you get dial tone then dialing the digits one after another until you get the error.  Make sure you don't wait more than a second or so between digits (if your timeout is still set to 3 seconds).


Try and grab the dial peer matching debug as well "debug voip dialpeer inout".  Maybe switch off the other debugs except for the q931 when you do that.

Yes, the timeouts interdigit is set to 3. And yes, we are dialing this off and on hook with same results.   

Here's the log output.  

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@Tranman79 wrote:

As soon as I dial 8011 it says it's unable to dial.    

Do you mean it literally returns the error as soon as you've dialled those four digits?   Without waiting till you've dialled the rest of the number?  

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