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IOS Upgrade of SIP Voice Gateways

Level 3
Level 3

Hello All,


As part of best practice I am planning to upgrade sip voice gateway IOS , need your advise whether I the current IOS version is still supported or upgrade is recommended in this case. 

Note: There are no problems with the current version now.

Router Model: ISR4431/K9

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Level 3
Level 3
if upgrade is necessary what would be the reliable version?


Wat solution you are having? IP TELEPHONY or CONTACT CENTER?
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regards, Ritesh Desai

majorly IP telephony and we have a small contact center ( uccx )

What I recommend is take "Show Tech" and use it on  CLI Analyzer tool. it give you more details about the current version and if there is any problems with ur existing device and you can decide. 


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will try that and let you know how it goes

that did not help, looks like internet is needed to get result for 'show tech' output, but I ran this tool on an RDP machine which does not have internet access.
Any other possible way to validate this?

Yes, it connect with the Cisco. you need to enter the Cisco ID. but it gives u detailed report regarding the issues with the version which u are using and even it point out if you are not following any best practice. 


you can take the show tech file and use it on a machine which has internet access.  use file analysis option. if you have "Show Tech File" install CLI on your machine and use the file analysis option.


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