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IP Communicator background and ringtones


Hi there

I have been using CME 7.1 on a 2801 with IOS 12.4(24)T for some time now and have been very pleased with the results. We have around 12 phones internally ranging from 7941, 7961, 7962 and 7970 phones. I have been able to get a custom background with the company logo and some extra ring tones added to all the physical phones.

I had to create two sizes of images 1) 320x196x4 greyscale and 1) 320x212x12 color and the appropriate List.xml files

I have also created a RingList.xml file for the ringtones.

All these files have the necessary tftp-binding configuration included.

We have recently started using CIPC on our XP desktops and while trailing the softphone I have noticed that:

1) When trying to access the extra ringtones CIPC says 'Ring List Unavailable!'

debug tftp event

Jan 29 2010 17:04:19.814 GMT: TFTP: Looking for CTLSEP00235A48515A.tlv
Jan 29 2010 17:04:23.818 GMT: TFTP: Looking for ringlist.xml
Jan 29 2010 17:04:23.822 GMT: TFTP: Opened flash:/RINGTONES/RingList.xml, fd 0, size 3003 for process 259

Jan 29 2010 17:04:48.826 GMT: TFTP: Finished flash:/RINGTONES/RingList.xml, time 00:00:25 for process 259

2) When trying to access the Background images CIPC says 'Selections Unavailable'

debug tftp event

Jan 29 2010 17:05:11.350 GMT: TFTP: Looking for CTLSEP00235A48515A.tlv
Jan 29 2010 17:05:15.354 GMT: TFTP: Looking for Desktops/320x212x12/List.xml
Jan 29 2010 17:05:15.358 GMT: TFTP: Opened flash:/DESKTOPS/320x212x12/List.xml, fd 0, size 285 for process 259

Jan 29 2010 17:05:40.357 GMT: TFTP: Finished flash:/DESKTOPS/320x212x12/List.xml, time 00:00:25 for process 259

I am pretty sure that my XML files are set up correctly and the tftp binding is in place as they work on all our physical phones. The problem is I can not get it to work for CIPC! Does anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong? or is this a bug?



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Vladimir Savostin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello James,

This usually means that CIPC was not abe to retrieve specific items (either ringtones or images) described by URLs in the list files CIPC got from TFTP.

It might be that firewall or other 'active' network software is blocking CIPC access to that objects, DNS names resolution or access restrictions on the hosting side.

You can run wireshark software on the PC where CIPC is running and you will see what is happening over the network.

Also list file format should be correct.

Here is as example what I have in my background list file:



In the end I gave up trying to get this work and CIPC users have accepted they can not change their ringtones or backgrounds.

I am confident that the TFTP bindings and XML fiels are correct as all our physical phones work with no problems.

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