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IP communicator status rejected



I have the following issue:

I have 2 7941 which are registered to the CUCM. They are on the same network as my pc. I want to use the softphone for testing.

But the Softphone will not register. I don't get an error on the phone itself.

In CUCM under Device - Phone, my MAC Address is listed but the status is Rejected.

I'm also able to register an E20 to the CUCM and call the 7941 phones. But the issue here is the softphone.

The device name of my softphone is correct in CUCM. I see the notification that he tries to register. He comes visible in the device list. But with the rejected status.

I added a screenshot of the device list.

I hope someone can help me with this challenge.


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Looks like you are using Auto registration, see if you have enough numbers in auto registration DN pool. Alternatively change the extension of the phone to something else.



I have a range from 1000 to 1999.

Changing the extension didn't help.

I also tried to add the phone manually. But this didn't help.

Have you used this IPC with other 8.X clusters?

If so, Erase the config, goto Settings --> Press **# --> Select Erase softkey

This will delete all ITL, etc certificates.



Try adding SEP to the mac address

If Erasing ITL doesn't work,  unplug the phone and plug it again and wait for oe iteration of registration sequence and get the Detailed CCM logs and Evt-Viewer app logs, we will know the reason pretty quick. Is it because of Error Db config or something else. If CCM logs is not enough, then we can get the problem report from CIPC.


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