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Ip phone 7912 and 7940


I have installed in a CME 3.3 three kind of phones, 7902 7912 7940.

When a user call to an external telephone that have autoattendant in the PBX, you have to press a button for speak to sales, other for administration... and wait, to speak to the operator.

With the 7902 it runs correctly, for example for example before the autoattendant end, you press 1 and speak directly to sales and you don't have to hear all the menu.

The problem is with the 7912 and 7940. You press the button but it doesn?t run and you have to hear all the menu, so the users complain the administrator.

Do you know why is it and How I can fix it?

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paolo bevilacqua
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Do you mean that after listening to the menu, DTMF works ?

Or that DTMF does not work at all with 7912 and 7940 ?

I mean you press the options of the menu and doesn't works ( so I think DTMF doesn't works ) with 7912 and 7940, but with 7902 it works.

How can I enable the DTMF in 7912 and 7940?

I have 7912's with CME 4.0 and 4.1 and they work fine. Can you verify that when you call an external telephone, and press keys, DTMF tones are heard ?

dtmf tones are not heard

I assume these are SCCP phones with the latest firmware (eg, CP7912080002SCCP060817 for the 7912), that is a good point to start with.

Now, you call any phone, type "debug vpm signal" and "terminal monitor" into the CME, make a call, then press a key on the ephone, you should see something like:

.Jan 30 14:48:05.760 CET: htsp_digit_ready(50/0/8.1): digit = 6

Do you?

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