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IP Phone cannot make outgoing call after changing the main line.

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Level 1

It's a totally new number of phone, the old numbers were disconnected and replace it with new one. 


what changes should i do from voice router or from the Call manager server. 


I am new in this field, please help!



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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

That will depend on protocol used in your GW, and the dial plan config you're going to have.

This is not hard, but you certainly need to know what you're doing to do the change, and avoid causing problems with your current configuration.

Might want to reach out to a reputable consultant, or a Cisco Partner with UC specializations for this.



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I got the idea, for example i have the old trunk number used is 1234567 and i will change it with 7654321, in which configuration mode do i need to change them.



I have no idea what you mean by "configuration mode"

In short

If MGCP, verify call routing and digit manipulation (if necessary)

If H.323/SIP, adjust dial-peers, or create new ones as required. Verify H.323 or SIP trunk config in CUCM, call routing and digit manipulation (if necessary)

Have your new DNs configured in CUCM.



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I am totally newbie in Cisco UCM, 


can you tell me the command to show you the result, as i really don't where can i change the setting/config.



Seems like you are in stuck .. you can post your Gateway config and also the call routing screen shot from cucm , we shall try what is happening in background.


Please grade out credentials/Ip address.



The issue with calling outside has been solved, it's because of the Telco Issue.


BUT, I cannot also call using local extension with different digits, for example, i cannot call extension 1300 using extension 1100 and vice verse. Any advice please, considering also that there was no changes in the configuration.





For this to happen, you need a translation pattern in place. Kindly go through documentation where you can configure this according to your requirement and try.