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Ip Phone dead?


Hi experts,

We just upgraded the firmware of our 7941s. All are good except one. It doesn't upgrade at all. I factory reset it by holding #, 123456789*0#.

After this, it's still not fixed. Then I directly connected it to a laptop as TFTP server with SEPxxxxxx.cnf, term41.defaults.loads, etc. with it.

However the phone is not responding at all. Then I factory reset it again the 2nd time. Now the speaker button & line button blink once, then it's dead. no power.

I also tried connecting a power supply but the same happens. the speaker button & line button blink once, then it's dead.

Can anyone help me how to troubleshoot it? Or the only thing I should do is forward it to TAC?


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It sounds like you may have a dead phone. You have done everything I would have to attempt to get that phone up and working.

Have fixed it finally

Add me in for seeing this before.

They will come back (as you saw) after waiting a long time or fiddling with it a while. Usually one or two stragglers and tough guys per set of upgrades / new phones/ reset / etc.

What did you do? Please share.

We had a similar issue here after an upgrade to 6.1.2. Not all of the phones were connected to the 10/100 SW port (instead were set to 10/100 PC port).

Once the phones were stuck like this we had to configure DHCP and connect the cat 5 cable to the correct port on the phone.

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