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IP phone in none status, and time at which they went into none state

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

How to get report of all ip phones that are in none status in cucm, and is there a way to know when they went into none status

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Hi There, 


This value was controlled by RIS Unused Cisco CallManager Device Store Period under the Cisco RIS Data Collector service parameter. By default, it is 3 days.


RIS Unused Cisco CallManager Device Store Period: Required Field

This parameter specifies the RIS database information storage period for any unregistered or rejected device information from the Cisco CallManager service. After the time specified in this parameter expires, Cisco CallManager removes the expired entries during the next RIS database cleanup time (specified in the RIS Cleanup Time of the Day parameter)


I am not sure about the other way to find out. normally I list out all the phones from the device menu and export to excel and then filter based on the registration status column. may others have a better way to do it. 


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Maren Mahoney
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VIP Advocate

In the RTMT, go to Voice/Video > Device > Device Search. Do a search for Phones that are Device Only Configured in Database. This will list all phones in the None status. In CUCM 12, you can download this list but in earlier versions it is a view-only list. There might be a way to generate such a list with a SQL query, but I don't know how to do that myself.



Capture1.JPGThanks for the reply Maren,

But I cannot find the option to download this list. Please Assist

Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

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1) We can find out when the phone was unregistered via the Call Manager Logs and then based on the parameter "RIS Unused Cisco CallManager Device Store Period" if it is more than 3 days [ Default value is 3 days] phone status will turn to None state.

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