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IP Phone Over SSL VPN Registering Issue

I have a Cisco 7945G phone that I have setup with a VPN profile so it can be used remotely.  This device was configured properly, tested at multiple locations and implemented.  This device worked fine for several months but recently the end user has moved into a new house and now has a new service provider (Verizon FIOS).  Now for some reason the phone will not get past the Registering process and doesn't prompt her for her VPN credentials.  Nothing has changed with the phone so I am assuming it is either her new ISP or the Modem/Router they provided her.  The device gets an IP address via DHCP from her home network but then just sits as the registering screen.  She is able to use the Anyconnect client on her laptop to connect to our SSL VPN that way so I don't think the provider is blocking VPN traffic; but there is something that is stoping the phone from getting out.            

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IP Phone Over SSL VPN Registering Issue

Honestly best thing you could try is download the console logs from the phone and review the VPN bootup process. Check if it's able to establish a TCP connection to the URL of the VPN.

Maybe their DHCP doesn't give it a DNS server, and phone is unable to resolve your VPN URL? (a shoot in the dark)

If the phone console logs don't reveal a lot of info, your best shot is a capture at the user site, so we could review the process.


i have same issue, were you

i have same issue, were you able to resolve?


looks like the Verizon IP Phone services interferes with the phone settings, i noticed all the parameters changed. 


let me know if you were able to fix





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