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IP phone problem

we have a cisco ip phone solution (CCM version 4.1) in our company, the problem is when we connect laptop to the data network specially to the internet via the IPphone the connection is very slow comparing with connect the laptop directly to the switch.

our devices are:

Ipphone: 7960

Switches: 3750,3560



This is usually a problem of duplex mismatch between IP Phone and Laptop/pc.

To resolve this, Go to settings>>>>3(Netwk Config)>>>>>>39 (switch Port Config)...check the setting on it.

If this is setup for Auto/whatever it is then you should have your pc have same setting....

To see your pc setting..

Go to the LAN connection, click on properties, the network card you are using shows, click on configure whicc is a tab beside the card....when the new tab opens, click on will see the settings for the pc under speed and duplex..

chnage the value to match the setting on the ip phone and you should be good.

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Dear aokanlawon

thanks for your replay, i do what you recommend me to do, but the problem still existing, so is there special configuration or special action to avoid the problem , because it is relly make the internet so slow and there is a big difference between connect internet directly from connect it via ip phone


that happens on all 7960 phones in your company?

Dear dinorubio

it hav't happens with all places in my network, some places (i mean interfaces) work normal ,at first i though it is because the phone , but when i replace the phone that work normal with that has problem, i have got the same result


let's eliminate layer 1 probs:

have you tryed always with the same cable?

Yes i have tried different cables and with different interfaces and i have got the same result.


Hello alalem2005,

We've got the same problem in our organisation. The PC connections sometimes negotiate at 10-full, however de phone and pc are in auto-negotiation mode.

Is your problem solved at this moment?


hi, i am having the same problem. Is your problem already solved? thanks!

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