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ip phone service

Hi all,

I am going to change IP phone agent phone services URL IP. After changing IP,  If I click on Update Subscription will it impact anything?

will it restated all the phone because enterprise subscription has been enabled on our cluster. please clarify

Cisco Employee

As far as I remember, it will

As far as I remember, it will definitely reset the phones when you will click on Update Subscription but I do not have access to lab right now so cannot confirm for sure. But, since the service had been created with Enterprise Subscription checked on, I would definitely not take the risk of doing it in business hours in case the number of phones is too large in the setup.




Thanks Deepak. But the phones

Thanks Deepak. But the phones are actually doesn't reboot.  It was just updated the subscriptions thats it. in order to take the effect we need reboot the phones. 


Hi, im pretty sure the phones

Hi, im pretty sure the phones will restart however all the phones don't restart together as soon as you click update subscription like it would if you clicked restart on the device pool for example, and depending on the number of phones in the cluster it can take a while to get through them all which I think it warns you about when you click update subscriptions.

Not sure exactly what order it updates and restarts the phones however I did this recently when changing the corporate directory URL and phones located in the same building took different time intervals to restart and update.

Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe

Preston Lancashire England


I would like to know which

I would like to know which order the phones will restert.. If any one can explain it will be helpful to update subscription in a large environment

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