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ip telephoney issue with internation call

we have implemented ip telephoney in your company intranet call , local exchange call

is working fine? But when we made internation call ,, it is rigning but other end party pick up the phone .. the connection is terminated.Is there any issue with sccp and h323 protocl..

any one can tell .. in IP telephony only sccp protcol are there or H323 protocl are there

I deleberatley need your help?

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The 5E switch type supports the following options to route an international call:

Set the international flag bit, strip the 011 digits, and send only the country code and the called telephone number.

Set the number type to National or Unknown and send the 011 digits along with the country code and the called telephone number.

When these settings are not set properly on Cisco CallManager, the international calls may not get routed properly.

If the 011 digits are stripped as per your dial plan, then set the "Calling party IE number type unknown" setting to International. If the 011 digits are not stripped and sent to the Telco switch, then set it to either Unknownor National.

Hi, that is a good suggestion, but I'm afraid that swamy is not even in the US.

We would need to know what he is using and what exactly happens first.



Can you provide us with more information such as:

How are you connecting to the PSTN to make international calls? are you using the ISDN or copper? what type of Voice gateway are you using? are you using H323 or MGCP?

Have you tried to debug this error the moment that it happens?

I had a similar error with a CAS -T1 connection using mgcp but the calls were disconnected after 3 minutes or 180 seconds, after debbuging the connection we realized that we were not getting an acknowledgement back from telco telling us that the call was connected succesfully to the other party(offhook)so our system was releasing the call (disconnecting the call) in this case the CAS-T1 was not well provisioned by telco.

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