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IPT <getDeviceCaps> usage tag Confusion

Asif Khan

Hi All!

I am currently developing an application where the model of the phone must be determined.

I am using the provided Cisco IPT-SDK for the application development, where XML tags are used.


Phones: 7940,7941,7970

Webserver for IPPhone services: IIS 6.0 on windows 2003

Well in the cisco document, the <getDeviceCaps> is mentioned to query a device for its type,model and other details.

My question is, How do I integrate this into my code? It says it can be used with post, but I am puzzled all over. cant figure it out. how do  get this tag to work?

Waiting for your inputs!


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Stephen Welsh

I don't believe it's possible to combine line details from multiple sources to a single device profile other than implimenting something programatically as custom applicaiton, not a simple task

I would recomend you create multiple 'per department' device profiles for each user, but impliment a way to make it simple/consistent for users to login with the correct profile.

The easyist way would be to include a short department code in the Device Profile name i.e.

JBLOGGS_PED - Peditration

JBLOGGS_PRA - Practice

Becuase the user has multiple profiles they will be given the choice to choose the relevant one, for example:

Note the best solution as it's open to user error

Alternatively if you are happy to write a simple web application you could leverage the following information:

The Extension Mobility URL the phone uses to login is actually quite basic and includes the following query string parameters:

nameDevice NameuseridUsers login IDseqUsers PIN numberdevProfThe Device Profile to login (if there is more than one)







Thanks for your input. So basically, this means if we set the header "x-CiscoIPPhoneModelName" in the Response.Addheader() asp object, the phone should return the model? right?

and when the phone gives the output, how do we collect it in our asp variable to display? I know how to dsiplay a variable on an IPT screen, but dont know how to collect response from this header then...!

I am also giving it a try on my server.

this means if we set the header "x-CiscoIPPhoneModelName" in the Response.Addheader() asp object, the phone should return the model? right?

Not quite, other way round, when the phone request a page from your applicaiton you can fo this:


To get the model of the requesting phone, assuming you the phone is sending you the request in the first place.


Stephen Welsh


hmm..Thats a very important point... I am going to try that on my server tomorow and get back...

Thanks for you Help!

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