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Is cube able to play MOH from the router flash?


I have the following scenario, and I have been told that cube unable to play moh from the routers flash (Multicast). Is their any solution for that? I basically want MOH to be play for the PSTN callers and the source will be router/cube flash.

Following is the call flow


This is the following reference document from cisco in which it is saying the MOH is not able to play from the routers/cube  flash:

Any one encounter this issue is their any solution for that ?


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Chris Deren
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Not sure as I have never done it, but why would you want to do that, is your CUBE at a remote location across WAN from CUCM server?



We have couple of sites across WAN which has cube and this is a distributed environment (each site has its own cube acting like gateway to PSTN). So if the calls are coming on each gateway and some one at the site wants to put the callers on hold we like to play their MOH which will be playing form the flash of the router.And each site has its own moh greeting we like to play. 

PSTN(Verizon Sip Cloud) ----->CUBE(Site1)---->CUCM----->Pressed hold----->CUBE (Flash plays MOH with ip multicast routing configured in telephony service). 

Like if we have 500 sites and 500 greetings how can we accomplished that  any idea?.The same thing was working for PRI but as soon as we convert it to cube stop working. Some one told me that "Multicast MOH won't work unless you configure media flow-around on the CUBE.  Also, make sure to turn on SDP passthrough". I did that but havent got any luck till yet.




hey mameeruddin , did you ever get this working? i'm facing the exact same situation


Please check this link for MMoH through CUBE Operation, Configuration, and Troubleshoot Guide


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In addition to the documents given by Manish, following commands will help you to analyse and troubleshoot the MOH issue you are facing on CUBE.

debug ccm-manager music-on-old all

debug voip rtp
debug ccsip all

Show commands:

show version
show running configuration
When MMOH is being streamed, please collect the following output on CUBE:

show ccm-manager music-on-hold
show voip rtp connections
show call active voice compact



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