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Is it possible to split to voice traffic to 2 different routers

we have a location and a HQ office. In the remote office, would it be possible to split the voice traffic to go into two different routers? We want to install another router to provide some type of failover. We are using E1/T1s. I can split data traffic but am not sure if I can do the same with voice. I am using only one VLAN for my voice traffic.

Does anyone know any info related to this.

Thanks in advance

Mr. Julio

Hall of Fame Master

Yes, you can do that. Voice traffic is still IP so if you have router etc, it will work.

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do you have any idea how? I was thinking of enabling EIGRP in my core switch since I have two routers and I would hope EIGRP is intelligent enough to split my traffic into two different circuits.



Any routing protocol or static routing will do. Just pick the one you are more familiar with.


I don't know if you are using both circuits from the same provider or not, but have you thought about using MLPPP, and putting both circuits into the same router. I know that you mentioned having fail-over, but you could cold-spare a router. I think MLPPP would give you more options to manage your aggregate bandwidth, and support larger applications (such as video that will sporadically use quite a bit of bandwidth).

You can also just use static routes or a routing protocol to send traffic down each of the links.

Just my 2 cents...



Mr Julio

EIGRP is indeed intelligent enough to load share traffic but only when the cost for both (or more), links are equal. By default, EIGRP load-shares over four equal-cost paths - this is called equal-cost load balancing. EIGRP needs to be configured to load-balance between unequal-cost links. Take a look at this excellent URL.

IMO select CEF and per-destination load-balancing over per-packet load-balancing with EIGRP, or for that matter any other routing protocol particularly if your infrastructure is transporting voice packets. The risk with per-packet is that you can introduce out of sequence packets.

If the links are unequal and since we do not know of your network design/specification - go over this doc as well:

"EIGRP Load Balancing

Every routing protocol supports equal cost path load balancing. In addition, Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) and EIGRP also support unequal cost path load balancing. Use the variance n command in order to instruct the router to include routes with a metric of less than n times the minimum metric route for that destination. The variable n can take a value between 1 and 128. The default is 1, which means equal cost load balancing. Traffic is also distributed among the links with unequal costs, proportionately, with respect to the metric. "

In terms of implementing EIGRP take a look at this Q&A:



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