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Is Mobile Voice Completely Compatible With SIP


I have set up Mobile Voice on a customer's CallManager and Cube/SIP gateways.

The customer is able to activate and deactivate their single number reach options by calling the IVR dial-in number. The problem that I am having is that the option for making a call through the IVR is not working properly. What seems to be happening is that when you select 1 to make a call through the IVR, it's taking the remote destination number that was used to log in to the IVR as the calling number and the DID for the IVR as the called number that I can see when I run a ccsip call debug..

I have set up mobile voice in my lab with H323 dial peers and it works perfectly. I only have the problem when I set up my dial-peer with SIP.

Is there a workaround for this?

The CUCM version 8.0.3 and 3845 router is version 15.1.


Jim Horner

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

According to 8.x SRND it does support H.323 and SIP VoiceXML gateway,

Can you elaborate on what issue you are facing with call completion

Thank's for your response.

Here is some additional information.

         I dial into the IVR DID for voice mobility

         I enter my remote destination (98144361) followed by the # key

         I enter the pin for my end-user account associated to the remote destination and I press the # key

         I choose option 1 to make a call, and dial 93202071 and press #

IVR – DID                        –  6499778719

Remote Destination          –  98144361

My Pin                              --    XXXXX

Outbound Number dialed --   93202071

I have attached the configs and the debugs for further info:

To me it looks like the XML service isn't passing the intended dialed number back to the gateway.

Thanks for your help,


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