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Is there a better xfermailbox.aef?

My client would like callers who have dialled an extension and been put through to voice-mail to be able to return to the site's operator instead of leaving a message.

I thought to callf-forward callers to an AA script instead of to the 'voicemail' application.  This script would:

  1. look up the user by extension using the call contact info

  2. play a prompt identifying the organisation, replaying the user's spoken name, and inviting the caller to call the operator, or leave a message

  3. if the caller elected to leave a message, call the the 'xfermailbox.aef' script documented at

This largely works, but there are two annoyances:

1) the caller is already aware that the extension user is not available, and they will leave a message.  Thus xfermailbox.aef's "Sorry, ext xxx is unavailable." is just an annoyance.  Is there a version of that script (or a parameter it can take) which suppresses that phrase?

2) If the user has recorded a greeting or alternative greeting, my script doesn't know how to play it.  Is there a version of "checkgreeting" which will play the vmbox user's greeting (and perhaps send back a status code of which type of greeting was in effect ... vmbox users on long-term leave don't want to encourage the leaving of messages, so it is important that my script checks for that.  I don't see this covered by any existing steps.



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