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Is there any way to get call-connect ack while making an external call transfer - call manager, jtapi


I have a challenge to get call connect acknowledgement after making a successful single click call transfer through finesse interface. I want to charge a caller after connecting him to his destination (third party).

Let us take an example. There are there parties a(call originator), b(agent), c(destination). A party originated a call and connected to b (agent), a requested b to connect his call to third party (c). We want to charge A party with x amount right on successful call connect to c.  

I am looking for a possibility to get successful call-connect flag on call manager. My first question is - is this possible to get call-connect flag on call-manager level through JTAPI or any other mechanism? What is the best way to achieve this? Please note, my both parties a and c are from outside of our IPCC environment. 

During testing, we noticed that we can get call-connect flag on voice gateway. We enabled accounting logs on voice gateway and notices that it gives us the transfer time and call connect time to destination. But we want to charge caller on real time, we want to charge caller right on call transfer.  

Here are the components which we are using in this task. 

  • Cisco Finesse interface to initiate a single click transfer.
  • Call manager version 8.5
  • A dedicated voice gateway 
  • For charging - we will use web service or Java based charging protocol client, but the real challenge is - from where we trigger this charging request? 

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oui c'est possible d'obtenir call connecter ACK car le transfer ce fait a la voix

Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor


Not sure about JTAPI, but using SIP protocol, a SIP message will be sent from transferee to transferor after successfull connection. This will be REFER message with 200OK in SDP body

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