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ISDN (e1) Lines utilization

Hi All,

Is there a command or tool that we can use to get reports or monitor the ISDN lines usage/utilization in the Voice Gateway Router? Both for incoming and outgoing calls.

CUCM version: 10.5

Connected to Voice Gateway via H.323

Current subscription is:

90 Channels for telco1

30 Channels for telco2

We are wondering if we can reduce the number of subscribed ISDN lines so we need to get reports on how much these lines are used.

Hope someone can help us out.

Thank you!!


Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee

Hi Kenneth,

The following h323 objects can be monitored via RTMT

gwH323_CallsAttempted—Cumulative (difference between last collected value and the first collected value in last 5 minutes)

gwH323_CallsInProgress—Average of all the values that were collected in last 5 minutes

gwH323_CallsCompleted—Cumulative (difference between last collected value and the first collected value in last 5 minutes)

trunkH323_CallsAttempted—Cumulative (difference between last collected value and the first collected value in last 5 minutes)

trunkH323_CallsInProgress—Average of all the values collected in last 5 minutes

trunkH323_CallsCompleted—Cumulative (difference between last collected value and the first collected value in last 5 minutes)



..And if you have 3rd party call billing application installed & VG has configured in CUCM as MGCP then you can pull utilization reports of pri from that billing application, otherwise you may ask service provider to provide utilization report if they can.


Do you know of any 3rd party billing application that we can use for free? Unfortunately out VGs are configured as H323 gateways. 

We can try your suggestion but after we have done it on our end first.

Thank you still. =)

Hi Manish, 

Thanks for the response. We managed to look into the RTMT and they were somewhat useful. But is there a way that we can identify on the RTMT on which e1 line was used?

We have 2 Voice Gateways, and as stated above, we have 3 e1 lines for telco 1 (90 channels) and 1 e1 line for telco 2. they are distributed as follows.

VG1 - 2 e1 lines from telco 1

VG2 - 1 e1 line from telco 1, and 1 e1 line for telco 2.

From the RTMT, we can only see Calls in Progress/Active/Attempted by VGs, not by e1 lines.



Hi Kenneth,

Since you need to get an idea of the average utilization of the PRI's on H323 gateway, you can check the output of some of the gateway commands below during peak hours every day for one week. This will give you a good idea of which PRI is handling how many calls during different times of the day depending upon how your setup works

show call active voice compact | brief

show isdn active

show voice call stat | summ

show voip rtp connect


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I think these commands will help. We will try these next week and we'll get back on you on the results.

Thank you very much!


Hi All! 

We found the perfect way to do this.

From the router side:

In VG01 we have 2 ISDN lines for telco 1,

and in VG02 we have 1 ISDN lines each for both telco 1 and 2. 

Then we have configured in VG02 dial-peers, telco 1 preference is to the Subscriber, and telco 2 preference is to the Publisher.

Having these configurations, we collect real time logs in RTMT>System>Performance>Node>Cisco H323>CallsInProgress. After adding the instance, right click and choose Start Counters Logging. We do this for a whole day and Stop Counters Logging after we're done.

The data we needed are in CSV format and easy to analyze.

Hope this one can help others. =)


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