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ISM-SRE-300-K9 installation

Hello, it is the first time that I install Service module enginer. My purpose is to configure IVR in CME. New bought ISM-SRE-300-K9 has been installed in 2901 router.

I have configured interface ism0/0 interface. But when I run service-module ism0/0 status command I see:

Service Module is Cisco ISM0/0
Service Module supports session via TTY line 67
Service Module is failed
Service Module heartbeat-reset is enabled
Service Module is in fail open
Service Module status is not available
No install/uninstall in progress

Reset, reload didnt help. service-module ism0/0 session command requires username to login. I dont know password. Password reset failed.

What step I missed to configure service module? Do I have to instal cue software like, cue-vm- k9.sme.7.1.2.pkg? But I cannot download it, cisco requires service contract.

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The IVR for CME does not

The IVR for CME does not require the module as the AA and BACD is baked into the IOS. The module would be needed for CUE where you can also build scripts, but CUE requires separate port licensing.


I know Chris. I just wanted

I know Chris. I just wanted to mention that we use that module just for IVR. It will handle call, play a welcome prompt and allow to dial an extension to forward.

The topic of this post is the problem which I ran into.

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Did you follow the CUE

Did you follow the CUE install guide as it has a section on how to configure the module?


The configuration has been

The configuration has been done as guide. I have left software installation which I mentioned above. I don't know it is mandatory or not.


No one can help?

No one can help?

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