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Issue between Nortel PBX and Cisco GW through QSIG


We have Nortel meredian PBX in one of our Client location. All the calls coming from the PBX matching a specific numbering pattern will be forwarded to a Cisco Voice Gateway located in the same premises. The cisco GW and Nortel PBX are connected through Qsig.

The issue now is calls are not processing through the GW.. we are not sure whether the issue is with PBX or with GW.. How to check whether the calls are coming into the GW from the PBX....

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Re: Issue between Nortel PBX and Cisco GW through QSIG

Can you turn on the d channel messaging in ld 96 in and out? Then turn on debug isdn q931?

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Issue between Nortel PBX and Cisco GW through QSIG

I wanted to clarify the statements above, it had been a long night.

In the Nortel system you can turn on debugging on the d channel in overlay ld 96. I assummed that the connection was over a T-1. there are two commands to turn on inbound messages and outbound messages. The Nortel will show the called number and number plan, calling number and number plan, any rejects due to incorrect IE. If you turn on the isdn debugging on the gateway you should see the same information or similar information coming across.
To verify that the dn that you are dialing to, on the Nortel you can run a DNB print out and make sure the dn is set up as a DSC (distant steeringin code), then check and make sure it is going out the correct route.
If you have any questions on the Nortel or the exact commands let me know.

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