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Issue registering Cisco 8832


  I have a new Cisco 8832 conference phone which is not registering with the CUCM Could someone please help in setting up the device registered?

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This had been driving me and two other engineers crazy for two days.  Thank you!

Nice one Rob - that is exactly the issue I have. The latest and greatest (cmterm-8832-sip.12-5-1-16.k3.cop.sgn) is available now so will give that a go. At least its not a device pack so the impact is fairly minimal in that it only affects the 8832. 


Given that we've already broken it, things can only get better.... can't they :-0



Dumb question do you program both Devices(phones) in call manager with a share number?

No, the devices are considered to be one on th CUCM Administration, with a single configuration in respect to Directory Number

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So, only one device should be programmed in the call manager?

I believe that both devices (defined by their separate MAC addresses) need to be configured. I think that the point that George is making is that the directory number (DN) assigned to the line, because it's the same directory number (assuming it's in the same partition by the way) is treated as a single entity for the large part. Changes applied via the line on one device will be automatically reflected when viewed from the second device. That's not true for all parameters though, you can configure different caller IDs which are device specific even though the DN is the same

I have configured in the past 8831 on daisy-chain by following the procedure that is described on the link:



-In CallManager, only the primary phone needs to be configured and it should be registered. However, the secondary phone is not added to CallManager.


-Always remember to configure the port where the phone is connected to have PoE disabled-



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I was able to register my CP-8832 to my Call Manager 11.5.1 by proceeding like so:



Device power on and boots on default Firmware then receive the new firmware from your TFTP, reboots and goes into "Connecting" mode in a loop.




1) Make sure you have the Device Package for the 8832. If you need to install it, please follow this link
If you do not know how to install a Device Package, please follow this link.


2) Download and install the latest Firmware for 8832 on Cisco's page. and upload the firmware file to your TFTP server(s).


3) Restart TFTP service on all servers where you have uploaded the firmware.


4) Install Language Pack/Locale if required from this link.

You MUST reboot all servers where you apply this locale in order for it to be functional. Follow this link if you need help installing the package.


5) Verify that your Device Type (8832) is showing the right Load Information under Device>Device Settings>Device Defaults : Dual Bank Information that matches the Firmware you have uploaded before. (This is the Load that will be sent to your 8832 from the TFTP)


5) Connect the CP-8832 and hold * button until the Green led goes off. (This step will load the default firmware of the 8832 and allow you to Register the phone and ask for the new firmware just uploaded in your TFTP.


The CP-8832 will boot, then reboot to apply the new firmware and reboot a second time if a Locale change is needed depending on how you configured your phone. You will see the upgrade process on the Device's page under Status.


Your CP-8832 should now be registred and should work fine.




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