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Issue with Huntpilot


I'm having an issue with a huntpilot. This is the setup:

CUCM 7.1(3)

Unity Connection

Huntpilot has DN 5569;

External callers call a number +322511xxxx, which is then translated to 8999; this is a callhandler on the UC. This callhandler does time-of-day checking; if it's in-hours, it transfers to 5569; out of hours: transfer to an external number (callcenter)

The HP 5569 has 5 members; algorithm is Top Down with a timer of 15 sec per member.

NOw, when all members are busy (or logged out of the hunt group) the incoming call should be transferred to the external callcenter.

On the config page of the HP, I've set the external number of the call center in the fields 'Forward Hunt No Answer' and 'Forward Hunt Busy'.

When I call 5569 from an internal line, the call gets transferred to the callcenter correctly (when applicable)

When I call the external number from my cell phone, the call gets dropped when all members are busy.....

I've found a workaround: I created a device profile. on this profile, i've set a DN (5566) which is set CFA to the external callcenter.

On the config page of the HP, I've replaced the Forward Hunt-numbers with this 5566: then everything works fine...

Why is the incoming call not transferred correctly when I use the external number? Something to do woth partitions/CSS? Or is it Unity connection doing funny things?

THanks in advance for your help

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Philip,

The first place I would look is the CSS that is set on the Forwarding portion

of the Hunt Pilot config page. I just mocked up a similar setup in CUCM and

Unity Connection (not using TOD) and both the internal and external calls

routed properly when the Line Group members were all busy or no answer



Hello Rob,

Thanks for your reply.

On the HP config page, I've set the CSS: the forwarding works when I call from an internal number.

When a call comes in from external, it doesn't work..

for testing purposes, i've tried to remove/changing the css on the hp config page: even internal calls to the hp are not forwarded in that case..

so, i suppose it really is a css/partition issue between cucm and the sip-trunk and/or unity?


Are you using Local Route Groups by any chance?  How is the route list configured that is used for external dialing?

If you are using Local Route Groups you need to ensure that the ingress GW has device pool with local route group defined as well.


Spot on Chris.

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Hello Chris,

PLease see attachment for settings



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