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Issue with tiff-files with offramp faxing on cme


i configured the cme on my site with onramp and offramp script.

i had send the tiff-file i got from my uc520 during onramp, this file is working fine.

now i tried to convert a website to tiff-file, i used pdf-creator (

i could send Tiff in 2D G3, G3 with eol and g4, but i allways have some strips on the hole right site.

Can someone explain me this? What i should do?

Should i use another converter to tiff file or should i configure something additionally?

Cisco Employee


As you may know the chronological to T.37 offramp works in Cisco voice gateway is:

when voice gateway receives email with the iptional TFF attachment, the MSPI (mail service provider interface)

process passs any text and TIFF to the DMSP(document media service provider) process. The DMSP process takes the text and TIFF information and format it into a fax pages. The fax page the passed to the FESP (fax media service provider) process for trasmission to the terminating processes.

So, in the basic term voice gateway would simply convert text and TIFF to fax page then sends out.

If the attached .tif file is the result from the receiver then I could try to use another converter if you can, or

simply create your own tif file then send the fax across. If it was then perhaps there may be a slight difference

in HEX value for .tif that generated by different application.

In regards to T.37 offramp configuration, please take a look with the following link:



Hello Jackylee,

thank you for your detailed explanation of the offramp process.

i had a longer google search for this issue and the only information i finally found, was that the tiff must be a cisco compatible one. I mean i tested it now with..:

  1. Windows 7 fax and send utility
  2. Pdfcreator:
  • 24bit
  • 12bit
  • 2 color (black/white) G3 fax encoding with no EOLs
  • 2 color (black/white) LZW-compatible
  • 2 color (black/white) PackBits
  • 2 color (black/white) G4 fax encoding
  • 2 color (black/white) 2-D G3 fax encoding
  • 2 color (black/white) G3 fax encoding with EOLs

I also tried to use Microsoft Word 2007 and converted a document in tiff-file

Only this tiff-files was working during offramp (but with stripes):

  • 2 color (black/white) G4 fax encoding                          // stripes
  • 2 color (black/white) 2-D G3 fax encoding                   // stripes
  • 2 color (black/white) G3 fax encoding with EOLs        // more stripes

i have no idea how to send a self created tiff-file with the quality of the tiff-file from onramp process.

Here my config:

fax receive called-subscriber $d$

fax send transmitting-subscriber $s$

fax interface-type fax-mail

mta send server port 25

mta send subject UC520-Incoming-Fax

mta send filename Fax.tif

mta send mail-from hostname fax.uc520.local

mta send mail-from username $s$

mta receive aliases fax.uc520.local

mta receive aliases string

mta receive aliases

mta receive maximum-recipients 10

mta receive generate mdn

mta receive generate permanent-error



service onramp flash:/bacdprompts/app_faxmail_onramp.

service offramp flash:/bacdprompts/app_faxmail_offramp.


interface BRI0/1/0

no ip address

isdn switch-type basic-net3

isdn timer T310 60000

isdn overlap-receiving

isdn not-end-to-end 64

isdn point-to-point-setup

isdn incoming-voice voice

isdn sending-complete

isdn static-tei 0


dial-peer voice 2001 mmoip

service fax_on_vfc_onramp_app out-bound

destination-pattern 250213

information-type fax

session target mailto:myemail@company.local

image resolution super-fine


dial-peer voice 11 pots

service onramp

incoming called-number 250213


port 0/1/0


dial-peer voice 2002 mmoip

service offramp

information-type fax

incoming called-number 0T

dsn delayed

dsn success

dsn failure


There are many ways to convert PDF into TIFF, but the TIFF has to be compatible with Cisco offramp. That means TIFF profile F (black and white with MH/MR or MMR encoding), where image follows TIFF tags; see chapter 6 of "Fax, Modem, and Text for IP Telephony" by Cisco Press for further details.

You can use tiffdump or tiffinfo utilities from LibTIFF to check if your TIFF files are compliant (watch for tag 273 in particular, this is image offset). Unfortunately some products, including Microsoft Fax (Windows 7 fax and send utility) do not generate compliant files.

You might like to use some third party software to generate compliant tiff files, e.g. facsbridge T37FSP from is the driver that bridges Microsoft Fax and cisco T.37 gateway. It makes sure the TIFF files are compliant with Cisco offramp.

Hope this helps,


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