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Issues with Voice mail for a hunt group only

Kaushik Ray

Hello I am looking at the below issues which is affecting users only in a team in a specific hunt-group --


When a voicemail is received all the phones could not use the message button on the phones.

Voicemail light indicator on the phone goes off when it is hear using the email attachment.


Any reason this could be happening?


Any pointers will be much appreciated.





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Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You need to mention what call control and VM system you're using, and not just the problem.



if this helps, please rate

Sorry about that.


VM Profile has been named as follows:


NoVoiceMail  (used by 241 devices)
Required FieldNoVoiceMail
No Voice Mail
< None >/< None >



Phones are 7942 Cisco IP Phones registered to call Manager.



can you explain more about the configuration of the Unity Connection?! Is there a exchange integration (MAPI) or is the delivery to Email via IMAP only ?

Also did you have define a Call Forward Information in CUCM (HuntPilot). I mean you have to give us more information about your configuration.

Just for example! You can set a Call Forward no Answer in CUCM to 999X ... SIP Trunk to Unity Connection Matching RoutePattern 999X

In CUC you cofigure an Forward Filter with called party 999X -> Go to System Handler and Configure your desired Solution....perhabs a Message like a "small" IVR .... pressing 1 Go ... Pressing 2 ... Go.... and so on....


It depends on customer what he want--





Thanks for your advise. i do not have much access to carry on troubleshooting so have forwarded to the relevant team.


thanks again

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