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IVR solution with UCCX 10.5

Dear All,

Im trying to deploy a IVR solution for group of company which are serve by one cucm and using UCCX.


prompt should be as follows.

1- Welcome prompt

2- dial by extension prompt (without press any digit)

3- press "0" for reception  


for each company we should have separate welcome prompt and all above 3 steps.

each company have assigned separate PSTN numbers for reception  and separate number levels (company A- 3XXX company B-5XXX).

Calls from outside to particular company (currently route only to the reception) should go through above steps and calls in between companies should be just 4 digit dial.


Please help to deploy this kind of scenario.


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

You can download some good examples of CCX scripts here:

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Script Repository 9.0(2)


If you still need assistance building this I suggest you hire reputable company to do this.

Frequent Contributor

You could set up 3x separate scripts for the above so all 3 are independent from each other - remember they may wish in the future to expand "their"  script or  set up a single script and then use different triggers to identify each company and then based upon the trigger provide the different prompts, press 0 options


yes they will request to expand later. so i prefer independent setup for each.

please let me know the step that i can follow for deploy this. 


Hi Frank.

Here I attached a script that meet your needs.

You have to create an UCCX application for each company using the same script.

Each application will have a Trigger and consequent directory number that could be translated from the DID number of each company.

Once you create an application you will see that you can specify some parameters:

-WelcomePrompt (This is the welcome Prompt)

-InvalidExt (This is the prompt saying that the caller has selected an invalid extension)

-ExtensionOption (This  prompt is the menu 0- operator or enter the extension)

-WaitForOperator (After 3 failed attempts the script will redirect the call to the operator using this prompt as announcement)


You have to create and upload those prompts and all should work as expected.









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Thanks for the great info.

I will implement this and let you know.



I would do this with a Unity Connection call handler and when they're ready to use the IVR/ACD functionalities of UCCX, then go ahead and build their script.

If you stick with CCX, I suggest you build a management application that will allow them to record and change the greetings for all 3 applications.

Hi Mr. Carlo,

I have installed uccx10.5 and integrate with cucm 10.5 also i upload the script(DialByExt.aef).
I cannot play the uploaded script its saying "im sorry we are currently experiencing system problem and unable to... "
If i use default icd script. it worked.
Any idea to resolve this issue?
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