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Jabber 12.1 - Your Company Policy Does Not Allow This Action


Have one user in the org who gets this message whenever trying to chat or receiving a chat


"Your company policy does not allow this action"


Not sure what's going on with her, but it's isolated to just her.  Our IMP is 10.5.


I'm the only admin on our phone system, so I know I didn't disable anything for her.  Not sure what's changed.


Any help's appreciated, thanks.

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That sounds a lot like a compliance server enforcing policy. Do you have one integrated with IM&P (e.g. Acitance, Verba, etc.)?


If not, can you log that user back into an earlier Jabber release and get it working again? What about logging an otherwise working user into the workstation this user is having the problem with? In other words: does this problem follow the computer/Jabber install, the user when using Jabber 12.1, or the user across all versions of Jabber?

We don't have a third party compliance server in place.  I saw a forum post about potentially IM being disabled for that specific user, but I don't see where that is.


I will try a different version and see if the problem follows her to a different machine.

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